Book "Watercolor painting for adults" with signature of Anastasia

12 €
Book + autograph, personalized just for you at the time of purchase.

More than 200 pages of theory and practice. All my drawing experience. I am sure that the book will become an assistant in complex artistic issues and will bring inspiration and motivation.

“Often I meet such an opinion that painting is difficult and not given to everyone. And I constantly try to destroy this stereotype.
The fact is that the evaluation characteristic of the two polarities “difficult” or “not difficult” simply does not fit here.
Painting, like any other practice, takes time and regular practice.
Yes, of course, not everyone will become a genius and great in painting, but not everyone will become a culinary art genius or win in Formula 1.
If you keep repeating in your head that painting is difficult, then it becomes difficult, because the power of persuasion is much more effective than anything else. If you treat the process more simply, feel like a student who moves in stages and does not build a huge number of expectations for yourself, and accepts that by doing daily work, it will gradually come to the goal, then everything will work out.
Anastasia Kustova
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